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Does your swimming pool have a leak? You need help right away! An undetected leak can cause major pool problems but we are here to SOLVE this issue.

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Little Bird Pools
If you believe your swimming pool has a leak or it is losing water, you need help right away! An undetected leak can cause major pool problems, including pool structure damage as well as a chemically imbalanced pool. It is best to detect and repair a pool leak as soon as you suspect you may have one; otherwise it can cost additional expenses in the long run such as a bigger more extensive leak repair, increases in your water bill as well as extra chemicals for your pool.

At Little Bird Pool Services, we offer a comprehensive pool leak detection service. Our qualified pool technicians have the knowledge and experience dealing with leaking pools and are ready to serve you throughout Coral Springs, Boca Raton and the surrounding South Florida areas.

As a full service pool repair company, we offer a wide variety of services for all your swimming pool needs. Our pool techs will locate the swimming pool leak, repair it and keep your pool clean and in healthy swimming condition.
Fix the Leak
Little Bird Pools
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